Snook fishing will be hot for the big ones.

Large snook are on the move this month.

The big snook are pulling out of the flats. Soon if we get some cold fronts. They’ll head for the creeks,rivers,and canals. Because they can endour the cold months.You can catch them using a CBTB popping cork with a greenback,shrimp,or pinfish. The Caloosahatchie river harbours many large snook.I use Bomber Long A’s in the river after dark.

Nice snook

Creeks that flow into the rivers have lots of snook in them.They are deep and have seawalls that generate heat.Jigs like the SnookSlayer work fine for this type of fishing. I like to fish them just like bass.Just cruise the bank with your trolling motor.Keep your motor on low casting to the points and pockets.

Snook swim pretty far up the river. Dont be surprized if you catch a bass. I have caught both species on the same trip.So stay after them.Checkout some of Glenns Wildlife Art on

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