The new vibrating minnow.

The new vibrating minnow that CountryBoys Tackle Box

I’ve introduced the new vibrating minnow.After experimenting with several different style head styles I introduced the vibrating minnow.I’ve decided on the minnow style head. The bait is still in testing the bait runs good in trials.If your interested check it out at .All it needs is to get in a lake or it that has some fish.

The weather has not cooperated for a couple of weeks.I hope to get out to go fishing this week and try it out.So if the wheather will get better. I’ll have some good news on that front.

I went to old school on this one.I put bucktail on the lure. It will have 3 color combo’s.Red and white,Black and blue,bronze and chartreuse.Visit at . It will come in three sizes,1/4oz,3/8oz,and 1/2oz.

Good for fresh or saltwater fishing.

I made these in three color combo’s.I made these saltwater color combo’s first.I believe this lure will work in fresh and saltwater. Black and blue the first freshwater color combo.Red and white being the next,and last but not least bronze and chartruese. Have any color combo’s for your area email at or call at 863-508-0006.With the vibrating action this lure has it should prove to be a good one.

Chatter Minnow

This lure will have the ability to burn over the grass flats.Or you can let it sink and slow roll it deep.The blade vibrates nicely.Add a plastic ribbon tail stlye 3″ grub for even more action.

If interested in this product it will be on .You can also find it on

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