New Feature on the Snook Slayer

I’m happy to announce that the Snook Slayer jig has a new feature.

There is a new feature on the Snook Slayer. To keep the grass off your lures we have added a weedguard. As most of us that fish saltwater know grass can be heavy at times. So the weedguard can be a good feature to have. For people that fish on the Atlantic coast we have jigs as heavy as 1oz. The heavier jigs will be good for fishing in the deeper faster currents of the passes and inlets. For fishing the mangroves you can use the smaller sizes.

With this new fiber weedguard which comes in different colors you can fish the saltwater flats without getting bogged down in the grass. Which leads to more strikes because you don’t have grass hanging on your Snook Slayer jig. As afore mentioned the weedguards come in different colors such as red,black,clear. To check out these products logon to gear . The Snook Slayer also has a long streamer to give a longer look.

Snook Slayer with weedguard

These jigs can be used around bridges in the heavier weights to get down deep. This jig also has a Mustad or VMC black nickel chrome hook.Starting in 2/0 to 5/0 with a round bend. Sizes come from 1/4oz to 1oz. Truly a premium jig. It comes in three color combo’s. The true saltwater color combo Redhead with a white body and a red streamer. The body on this jig is half crimped nylon in the rear and half bucktail in the front.Having half crimped nylon and half buctail makes for a more controlled and slower drop. It also has live eyes for realism. Well the next time you go fishing take along some Snook Slayer jigs. Our products are on Country Boys Tackle

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