Scorpion Swim jig special

Take a look at our Scorpion Swim jig special

Our special for this week is 5 Scorpion Swim jigs and 3 of the Crawbug plastic trailer. These jigs come in the colors you see. They are from 1/4oz to 1oz in weight. Primarily used for bass fishing in lakes and large rivers around central and south Florida.The price will be $25.00 plus shipping around $3.00 buy now and recieve a copy of my E-book Central Florida Fishing a 9.95 value free. Hurry time is almost up.Add $3.00 for shipping.

Scorpion Swim jigs

5 Scorpion Swim jigs and 3 bags of Crawbug plastic trailers


Ultra Bucktail

These are saltwater jigs that are hand tied with bucktail.They come in different sizes and colors.From 1/8th to 1 1/2 oz.


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