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Quality fishing tackle by Country Boys Tackle Box.

Catch your next big one on the Scorpion Swim Jig by CBTB.

Welcome to CBTB where you can get your fishing gear.

Here at CBTB we strive to manufacture quality fishing tackle. We’ve been around since 2010 making lures and tackle or fishermen like you.I’ve spent a life time fishing Florida waters.Both freshwater and saltwater. We have a wide variety of products. So if you want to catch bigger fish use a bigger bait.

CBTB popping cork

The CBTB popping cork is a durable popping float with a 2 1/2″ oval float. This one is red and white classic saltwater colors. It has good balance because of the brass weights on the bottom. It has a good casting distance. You can add a live bait or fish with artificials. So try one the next time you go saltwater fishing.

Scorpion Swim jig

The Scorpion Swim jig is a jig used primarily for largemouth bass fishing. It comes in five sizes and three color combo’s. It has a plastic skirt and a Mustad black chrome nickel hook.

snook fishing
Snook fishing Pine Island Sound

We manufacture both salt and freshwater fishing lures and tackle. Lures like the Scorpion Swim jig used primarily for bass fishing. The CBTB popping cork used for saltwater fishing. The Scorpion jig which is used for both fresh and saltwater and the Ultra jig used primarily for saltwater fishing.

We also make the Ultra spin spinnerbait used for largemouth bass fishing. And I can’t forget the Snook Slayer. It is for snook fishing but can be used for all types of saltwater gamefish.

Add in some soft plastics like the Crawbug soft lastic trailer used to match up with the Scorion Swim jig. It is a good combo for bass fishing. The C-tail plastic worm is an 8″ plastic worm used for bass fishing. And lastly the sting ray tail grub a good all around soft plastic that has been around for years.

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