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Polk County bass fishing.

The bass fishing starting to heat up.

Polk County bass fishing is starting to turn on. I’ve been catching some nice bass on the Scorpion Swim jigs. Black and Blue with a crawbug in the color of junebug with a gold glitter. A bronze gold head and a white skirt with the gold scale pattern.Add an alligator bug to the jig and you have it. A killer combo.

The fish have been hitting these fished slowly along the bottom. With a slow even strokes. As my slogan says I’vebeen giving them a bigger bait. I firmly believe If you wanna catch bigger fish you have to give them a bigger bait.

Most of these fish have been from 5lbs to 7lbs. Also the zoom trick worm has been a good choice for bass. In the junebug with gold flakes. Pictured is a 2lber that my wife caught in Lake Kissimmee on a Zoom trick worm.Be sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter. Just go to the contact ppage and fill out the form and that’s it.

Central Florida has an unlimited amount of lakes to fish in.But Polk County bass fishing has remained steady for quite some time. With good reg’s on the fish we will have a good fishery for a long time. If you are new to the area hire a guide to help you get started.

Along with all the lakes we also have the Peace river. It starts out at Bartow,Fl. and runs all the way to Charlotte harbour. It has quite a few boat launches for kayaks and small aluminum boats. The further you go south the more actual boat ramps you have. During the winter you can go and camp by the riverside when the river is dry. So come give Polk County a try.

Lake Kissimmee bass
Anna’s bass

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Lake Kissimmee fishing

The wife and I went to Lake Kissimmee today and fished hard for some bass and bluegill.

The Lake Kissimmee fishing wasn’t what we hoped for. After fishing what seemed like the whole north end of the lake. We wound up with a half dozen bluegills and a bass of about 2lbs. Hope to do better on the next trip.

The wind died down. And it got still so we decided to go home and try again some other day. Lake Kissimmee in my opinon is one of the top bass lakes in the country. When it’s hot it’s hard to beat.

The bluegill will be going on the beds about April or May. Depending on the cold fronts. It will be time to break out the fishing gear. Bream poles and the cricket cages. Just easing around and dropping the crickets in a hole in the grass and wait for the bite.

Hire a guide

If you have never been to Lake Kissimmee hire a guide.They will help you more than you know. Most use shiners for bait. Nothing can compare to wild shiners for largemouth bass. Shiners are kinda pricey but well worth the money.

As far Lake Kissimmee fishing goes you can use a small boat if the wind is light and not to strong. I have an Alumacraft 16.5ft aluminum john boat. With a 25hp Mercury. I don’t have any problems with this boat if the wind is not blowing hard. Make sure you have a nice livewell in the boat so you can hold live bait or fish.

Well fishing in Polk County is good and good reg’s will keep that way. So if you can get down here to Florida to do some bass fishing go for it. Remember to pick up your trash.

Jose's bass
Lake Ariana bass

Saltwater Fishing with CBTB

Pine Island Sound has been a dependable spot

We will be going down to Pine Island to do some Saltwater Fishing with CBTB products. And shoot some video of this trip. We will be chasing after some Snook,redfish,seatrout,and whatever else that will bite.

I will be trying Country Boys Tackle Box popping corks for some seatrout,redfish,and snook. Because the popping corks work good for all these species. Just tie some 30lb mono leader and a 1/0 or a 2/0 livebait hook and start fishing. I like to use greenbacks for bait. But you can use shrimp,pinfish,or others.

CBTB popping cork

Now I don’t have an expensive flats boat. I fish out of a Alumacraft 16.5ft aluminum john boat with a 25hp Mercury outboard on it. I just watch the weather. That being said I have done a lot of work to the boat. Such as adding a floor. A livewell(a must for saltwater fishing) to hold all the bait. And a trolling motor.

For those of you who may not know anything about Pine Island let me tell you about it. Pine Island is a 16 miles long and a few miles wide located in SW Florida. It is relatively un developed because the vast maority of it is wildlife refuge both state and federal. Which means limited development.

The SW Florida region has had it’s share of problems in the past with red tide. Our new Governor has started to get the ball rolling on some new plans. The everglades and the outflow of freshwater from Lake Okeechobee are starting to be addressed. Any help with letter writing and so on to our Congressmen would help the situtation here. I don’t usually write any political stuff here but I feel this is important.

So if you can get to the SW Florida region by all means do so.

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